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What is Forex Rebates Bonus?

Forex Rebates is one of the most important and exciting bonuses in the forex market. Commonly, people call it a cashback reward on the completed trad lots, and many people also called it a pip rebates cashback reward. Nowadays, almost 80% of brokers' companies are providing rebates bonuses to their traders.

There is no compulsion for brokers or traders to give or take the prize. Generally, brokers are offering rebates bonuses for a limited time in a year. The bonus could be in a percentage amount or a specific amount in a particular currency. Suppose a broker is offering a rebates bonus with a particular amount of money, the broker said, a client must complete 20 standard lots to get a 20% cashback bonus up to 2000 dollars.

Now, imagine that you have completed the conditions of trading and successfully achieve your goal. The broker will give you the 20% of your earning profits as cashback. You will receive a maximum of $2000 as cashback from your trading. It's a popular promotion today because each trader loves it, and brokers are getting more clients and more profits from a trader through these types of promotions. If you are a professional trader, will you miss this opportunity to earn extra money from your trades?

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15% Deposit Bonus
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$6000 Trading Bonus
50% Deposit Bonus
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50% Deposit Bonus
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Minimum Deposit $100
Broker Type: NDD

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How does it work?

Already we said that it's like a cashback program from brokers. A rebates program involves the returning of a specific percentage of the money that traders invest. It is also known as a pip rebates bonus. To get the bonus, a trader must complete the fulfillment as the platform said. Sometimes traders need to make an additional registration for the bonus program, and sometimes it's open for everyone, and it is getting activated on a minimum deposit.

Most of the regulated and reputable brokers offer 20%, 25%, 30%, 50%, or 100% as a cashback return. There could be a tier for cashback rewards. For instance, a broker said to you that if you complete 20 std lots, you will get 20% of your trading cashback. When you cross 200 std lots, you will get 50% as cashback returns, and while you complete 5000 lots, you will get 100% cashback from brokers. When you complete a trading lot, the broker is getting a commission or spread from your trades, and the broker will offer the cashback from the commission or spreads as a loyal to their customers. But a broker doesn't need to provide the cashback all the time.

How much can you earn from a cashback bonus program?

It depends on your trading skills and how much you can earn from cashback or rebates promotions. Most of the brokers are offering a forex cashback rebates program with various trading conditions. Some broker allows rebates bonus while a customer makes a deposit equivalent to the rebate’s bonus program terms and conditions. Some of them are offering the bonus with a limited trading lot.

Usually, brokers provide up to $5000-$10000 forex rebates bonus for a single trader on their total rebates scale.

Which brokers are offering Forex Cashback or Rebates bonuses?

If you are already trading with a specific broker, then you should check their promotion page. If it doesn't exist, you have to ask their support personally to learn about their Rebates bonus program. There are many brokers offering forex rebates bonuses to traders, including FXTM, XM, RoboForex, FreshForex, Avatrade, IronFx, InstaForex, etc.

It is one of the most active forex trading rewards for traders, and almost every forex broker is now arranging forex cashback promotions. If you want to get a regular update about the cashback program, you should regularly visit the page because we publish all of the latest and helpful cashback rebates.


Forex cashback reward is a fantastic opportunity to earn extra money from your trades. But you should know that risks are everywhere today, don't make any significant number of deposits for getting rebates. It could be risky for you. You could lose your capital in trading with unregulated brokers. Most of the time, fraud brokers offer rebate bonuses with complex terms and conditions where a trader has to deposit a large amount of money to take part in the rebate bonus program. Be aware before losing your capital. Always try to choose accessible rebates bonus program for safety, and don't be greedy to gain your success.